Soft Like Kitten

Those Euros are quick on the draw when it comes to getting footage of the big races up on youtube. Big Jonny over at Drunk Cyclist is almost as quick about getting video of the final kms of every spring classic race up on his blog. He posted up a great video of Sunday’s Gent-Wevelgem finale which he sums up quite well:

After watching that video this evening during a well deserved study break, I have three things to say: Ian Stannard’s late lone bid was gritty (caught at 150 meters!), Gert Steegman is a monster, and Tom Boonen showed them all.

The only thing I have to add is that bunch sprints are fucking scary to watch. My heart was pounding.

Paris Roubaix is coming up. I’m playing the safe bet and putting my money on Cancellara, even though Boonen’s clearly coming into form just in time. What about you?

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