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Don't scratch my bike.


Shell shocked

Last Sunday, the kittens were loosely wrangled for some slow bike riding and lots of drinking. Needless to say, it was perfect training for cyclocross.

We gathered together and piled the bikes at Hooverville in south downtown around 4pm. I didn’t take a head count, but there were well over 20 people on hand. Our Portland chapter even drove up just to get their slow rolling drink on with us.

Drinks were drunk. Peanuts were destroyed.

There were hundreds of teenage girls lined up outside (waiting for us?). It must have been the spandex.

After about an hour of face time, the team got together for a photo-op and hit the road. We were heading south to our lovely sponsor Loretta’s.

I made the group stop midway at Schooner Exact so I could fill my growler that I had on board. They have $6 fills on Sunday. You can’t beat that with a stick. Unless you had a stick on hand, I guess. Growler filled, we started rolling again.

Dylan managed to run a flat about a mile away from our destination. It gave us plenty of time to straddle our bikes and look PRO while he fixed it.

Loretta’s is always a magical destination. This is coming from a man that lives 5 blocks away from it too. They have burgers that are like a sweet cross between Dick’s and In-N-Out. The airstream trailer out back is always ready to cradle our filth. It is a very fine addition to South Park.

We hung out for hours while the rain pelted our poor bikes outside. It was lovely to have so many friends on hand to spend a lazy Sunday evening with. I really appreciate everyone that was able to come out.

Andrew Francis is going to be hosting a screen printing party soon with some one color kitten images that I put together.  Expect to see some info on that very shortly.

I can’t wait to hit the dirt with you guys.


Airstream = Love



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