Soft Like Kitten

robert and the reason he was softSo you’ve been itching to wear a bicycling kit with pink, kittens and/or knives and you weren’t ever sure where to get one? Soft Like Kitten finally has some stuff for sale to the general public.

The clothing is made by Hincapie and is their highest quality stuff. I’ve been really impressed with my kit so far. We even had a chance to put it through the ringer on a 24 hour ride this last weekend.

The deadline for the orders are Sunday, June 19th. They should be back in time for the beginning of cyclocross season.

Spread the word.

Thanks for all of the support. You all are awesome. FACT.

7 Responses to “Fluffy kittens available for adoption”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Hey man-Dig the Jerzy but you dont take pay-pal or american express? How is a guy gonna get a pink kitty jersey and not pay interest!! You take money order via snail mail? Let me knowz.

  2. Robert Says:

    Patrick – We don’t take either of those. Kit order handles the processing (so they take whatever they take) and pay pal would charge me the interest (which isn’t going to happen). I went the route because I didn’t want to handle the money on this order. I’m sticking with that. Sorry.

  3. Patrick Says:

    ok-Understood-Will grab the wifeys card. she will shit-such is life

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  6. Sean Says:

    i realllllly want one of these kits, when will you be doing your next order?

  7. jenny wilson Says:

    Got turned onto your kit via Bill Strickland. By any chance do you have a leftover small kit. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much.

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