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Soft Like Kitten Long Sleeve Jersey

Kittens and Friends,

The kits are available for order again. It is open to the public via We decided to to a chance and make long sleeve jerseys and jackets available for those who want them. The order closes in May and will take about 8 weeks from there. Once the order is closed, it’s closed. We are not getting extras. Make sure you get in on this if you want something.

Arm warmer detailsWe are having a party at Loretta’s in South Park on Saturday, April 14th at 5pm for those of you who need to try on kits and/or like to drink. You should come.

I’m getting as many kit samples as I can, but there were lots of things that they didn’t have on hand right now (sadly, lots of the women’s stuff), but the men’s sizing is almost exact or very close across the board. This will be everyone’s first chance to try on the new jackets and long sleeve jerseys to see if you like them too.

If you are comfortable with the sizing and what you need, you can order here:

2 Responses to “Kit Order Open”

  1. johnny Says:

    I’m in a race on June 22/23 that i would LOVE to wear this on (TEAM KITTENS). If I place an order today, do you have any idea when i could expect it to arrive?

  2. Robert Says:

    Johnny – Once the order goes in, it will take about 8 weeks or so to turn it around for Hincapie. I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be ready in time for you.

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