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We wanted to give the hat order some time to settle before doing this. If you haven’t arranged a time to meet and get you hat from me yet, email me and We we’ll mail it out to you.

We are working with Hincapie again to get another round of kits ordered for you all. We know some of you have torn bibs or jerseys or skinsuits from all of the awesome. New stuff is on the way (as soon as we order it and you pay for it)!

We’ve also had some interest in long sleeve jerseys and warmup/wind jackets. We am honestly still gauging the interest on those pieces, but we are probably going to pull the trigger on some jackets at least.

It’s going to work just like last time. We will have a order up on so you can pre-order the pieces that you want. Once that deadline is hit, the money is sent off to Hincapie and they get things officially started. Their turn-around these days is around 8 weeks. This isn’t set in stone, of course, but is typically for this time of the year. Nobody will have anything in time for road or MTB season, but definitely in time for cyclocross season.

More info coming soon.


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  1. Kat Croxton Says:

    OMG! I NEED this jersey! Will you do another order?

    Kat Croxton

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